Business Meeting Held Via Zoom – 04/09/20

SIOM business meeting was held via Zoom today.  We accomplished the agenda including electing our Board for 2020-2021, while having fun with this new technology.  It was great to see everyone.

Conoraviris Notice

Note:  Meetings and scheduled events through April 15, 2020 have been canceled due to Conoravirus.

February 20 and 27 Program Meetings

The SIOM Program Committee did a great job in scheduling our speakers for February!  On the 20th Chris Murphy spoke to us about the Modesto Graffiti Museum and on the 27th John Black spoke with us about the Peer Recovery Art Project.  We learned how both of these projects, have served our community in the past are currently serving the community and their plans for the future.  Both of these projects not only enhance the community, but they also provide an opportunity for community members to volunteer and by verture of their service give back to Modesto.

Unfortunatly our photographer (me) forgot to take photos, so here’s URLs for you tube videos:

  1. Chris Murphy describing the Legends of Cruise Walk of Fame:
  2. John Black speaking about the Peer Recovery Art Project: