September 17, 2000 – 2019-2020 Awards and Scholarship Presentation

SIM planned to hold their annual celebration of awards and scholarship recipients in March of 2020, however due to Covid-19 it was canceled.  As we were unable to hold this event we contacted the 2020 recipients via, mail, e-mail, phone and met with a few.  A slide show of the recipients was presented at club today by Darlene Rodriquez Silva and Ruth Anne Bright.   A shortened version of the presentation can be viewed by clicking here.

September 24, 2020 Program Celebration of Life/Club Life Members

We normally celebrate our Life and Club Life members in the month of March along with our presentation of the Awards and Scholarships. Due to Covid-19 this event was canceled.  We recognized each of the Life and Club Life members by sending them a flower arrangement, that we had planned to use as centerpieces for the event.  Below is a listing of our Life and Club Life members noting those who celebrated a special “Life Membership Anniversary”