Past-President’s Message





Past-President’s Message

Past-President Mona Martinez

Wow! another New Year! Part of me is excited and part of me cannot believe I have lived so long!  Parts of me are in good shape (eyebrows, lips) and other parts of me are becoming bionic (knees))!

All in all I am glad and happy to be living among great friends and mentors.  It is great to serve with others who are so enthusiastic about serving others, especially women and girls.

I did’t realize that my mother brought me up to be of service. We were poor and we received services from Salvation Army and Good Will when I was young.  I could have been on the Soroptimist Community Christmas Tree!  Even though we were poor my mother always helped others, unbeknownst to me!

I found out after she was gone that some kids I grew up with could get some food from my Mom if they were hungry.  In fact, they told me they would keep dimes in their shoes to call her when they needed help.  I never knew these things until she was gone.  What a revelation!  Maybe that is why it warms my heart to help others…my Mom set a great example.

So let’s keep up the good work with our upcoming Live Your Dream Event, Awards Ceremony, Spring Fundraiser and ongoing literacy program.  We are doing a lot of good in our community.

Thank You for all your contributions.    ~~~~Mona



Sincerely Mona



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