Deanna Mar Toy Memorial Scholarship

The Deanna Mar Toy Memorial Scholarship

Deanna Mar Toy Memorial Scholarship










          Alyssa Gibson

2019-2020 Deanna Mar Toy Memorial Scholarship Recipient

Annual Application Deadline:  February 15 

Click here for the 2020-2021 Deanna Mar Toy scholarship application form.


  1. Must be a female senior in high school.

  2. Demonstrate significant involvement in community service involving women or girls, financial need and scholastic achievement.

  3. Must have applied for enrollment in an institution of higher learning for fall of the coming year.

  4. Complete the application in full, including a one-page essay describing your community service/volunteerism and educational/career goals.

  5. Must live in Modesto or attend school in Modesto.

  6. Must provide 2 references, including a letter of recommendation from each reference.  One reference must be from a school counselor or teacher and the other from a representative of a volunteer organization.

For information: email attention Awards & Scholarship Committee